I am really touched and moved by the message that team “ Going Green” is trying to send to us , and the thoughtful initiative that these eco warrior kids have taken up to save our Mother Earth . Taking care of our planet is no longer a choice, rather it’s the ONLY choice. Somewhere ,I feel , we adults collectively have failed our coming generations by misusing and abusing our resources and our environment. So when I got my set of reusable grocery bags it was a wonderful reminder of our responsibilities towards the environment .I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to these bunch of wonderful kids and my best wishes and whole hearted support for their beautiful endeavour . Not only I will use these bags I will also spread the word around .We should work in tandem with these kids and help them make this world a better place to live in for the future generations.

Sunita Majumdar

Recently had been offered these lovely grocery storage bags by a bunch of school girls working towards 'Say No to Plastic' cause and giving hope for a better tomorrow, being an environmentally concerned person myself, I just found it the right fit for my grocery (veggie & fruits) shopping as well as storage in fridge.

Usage of these reusable bags drastically reduced the plastic usage at my place. It feels so nice to not to indulge into single use plastic

This has inspired me to make more such changes to my life giving me more satisfaction


I would like to say that I am one of the supporter of the “going green” project group initiated by Gitali and group.This is really laudable because its building an awareness to the society which will find no solution to the environment problems unless it takes a serios action .We got to hand in hand to save the beautiful earth by saying (no to plastic) and encouraging young generation to build a plastic free society.