About Us


The Green Dare, an environmental organization believes that the exploitation of the earth and degradation of the environment has gone up to an alarming rate. As we have done certain actions that have not been in favour of protecting our earth, we have already begun to face the hard consequences. We have created this organization to impact the lives of families in our community, so they can start making a difference and help create a sustainable world for our future generation.


Arsenic-laced drinking water, lead-contaminated soils and choking air pollution are sadly few things that the environment would be going through in the future, if the present continues to remain the same. Our organization plans to impact the present for a better future, as we all know that progress is impossible without change. We as an organization, who desires to have a protected future with resources and sustainability, believe that a change can occur when we as a society wish to create it.


Our objective is to impact and influence 500 families by 31 st July 2020. So each of them would prevent using grocery plastic bags. We strongly believe that single usage of plastic throughout the world would accelerate climatic change and should be halted before it’s too late to sustain a life on earth.


Lulu has always believes in spreading awareness about environmental issues; Lulu itself produces cloth bags, which are the replacement for the detrimental plastic. We as an organization can impact the world largely, as we are doing this to protect the present and future of the mother, who has provided us with all our necessities. Although for creating an impact to preserve our future, we require the assistance of Lulu. We ask for sponsoring our organization, once we derive the conclusion and result of our first experiment which ends in two months.