Our Journey

Much of planet is drowning in plastic, can it be cleaned up? With this weighted question in mind, our group began to start this initiative. As my mother came back from grocery shopping, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of plastic bags she had used. She was just a person in the whole community using four to five plastic bags, along with some smaller bags for other items. It scared me to think of the amount of plastic bags, used in the building and then the entire community. The number wouldn’t stop multiplying. It terrified me to think of the amount of years these bags would take to decompose. I decided to take an inspiration from a woman who has decided to ban the usage of plastic as her grocery bags and replaced it with cloth and jute bags. One might think it is hard, but it couldn’t be any easier. I shared this idea with my group of friends and we decided to take it large scale. This initiative started as a school project, but we have decided to go beyond.

The initial idea was to create awareness by distributing a huge plastic reusable bag along with 12 smaller mesh bags to 50 families around the community as samples. When we went shopping, I was extremely satisfied with the result and the fact that I hadn’t use the single use plastic bag and replaced them with reusable bags which hold a durability of four to five years, thus reducing our carbon footprint by a large number. This made me expand our movement so others could get a chance to experience this positive change in their lives. We distributed the bags and created a WhatsApp group to connect the users of the bags and keep track of the progress in the group. Furthermore, the users of the bags began to share pictures which inspired others to carry the bags given while going shopping.

Until now, our group has impacted the lives of 75 families around UAE. Our group has realized that we need to keep growing and creating awareness about this product as much as we can. We plan to reduce the plastic waste consumption for a better, brighter and safer future for us all. We plan to impact the present for a better future.

What we can Do

Use Wind Energy

Use Recycle Things

Use Solar Energy

Save Water